The interactive Guestbook, recordING and storing messages on  a 1970'S vintage British telephone for you to listen to and enjoy forever. Ensuring you have the best set of heartfelt memories to cherish from any event.

The voice messaging experience


Hire our messaging booth for your event

Our life sized replica of the iconic red British K9 telephone booth is a great eye catcher to encourage your guests to leave you a message.


Guests record their messages

Once inside your guests will be presented with our unique, vintage, recording telephone. After picking up the phone, your guests will be able to leave their well wishes.


After Your event we Deliver  your memories

At the end of your event we take away the telephone & booth for 'processing'. If you choose our signature package we transfer the recorded messages onto your own phone which will be delivered to your door.


relive that special day for years to come

This unique guest book contains the voices of your friends, family and loved ones. Enabling you to relive your special day all over again.



After your event, you will receive a personalised telephone containing the messages collected on the day. Once you have your phone, dial the date of your event to relive your special day all over again. 

Watch the video to see and hear an example of what Mr & Mrs Hawson received after their wedding. Make sure you have your headphones or speakers on.




We pride ourselves on providing an endearing way to listen to the voices of your friends\family\loved ones and their messages of goodwill.



This package includes the following:

  • The rental of our replica vintage telephone booth for your event. Unlike a photobooth we normally set up in the morning by 10am and are fully dismantled by 10:30pm.
  • The ability to dress up the inside of the booth to suit with the style of your day (this is based on the assumption any decorations added are removable and cause no damage to the booth).
  • Two easel mounted A2 signs asking guests to leave you a voice message.
  • Two free standing A4 frames asking guests to leave you a voice messages.
  • The option to have a custom guest greeting message using your voice. Your guests will hear this prior to leaving you their messages. Please note this is dependent on whether you have access to a smartphone with voice recording.
  • A member of our staff who will be present during the time is at your booth. Our staff members dress as if they were a guest, and blend in to the background. They are there to keep and eye on the booth, but they do not 'man' it as it can be off putting to guests. Our staff members are also there to ensure you get lots of messages. If they feel the need, they will encourage your guests to leave you a message.
  • Our version of a guestbook. An original black, 1970's British GPO telephone for you to keep, which plays back the messages recorded on the day. At your request other coloured phones may be provided but are subject to us being able to source them. If you would like another colour please let us know at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Postage of your black telephone in our custom packaging.  The delivery of your phone can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks. We only use high quality vintage phones,whilst we endeavor to source your phone well in advance of your event, sometimes there can be a delay. Should there be a delay we will contact you.
  • A digital version of your messages which will be sent to you via e-mail
  • Your own personal, secret,password protected page on our website allowing you to share your messages with freinds and family, of course at your discretion!

What to expect


At THE time of booking

We will ask for a booking fee. This is to secure the booth for your event. This fee is deductible against the total cost of your chosen package. If you cancel after 14 days of booking this fee is non refundable.



 We realise organising an event can be stressful and that there are sometimes unexpected change of plans. We will get in contact to check everything is OK with you and your event plans. 

At least 2 months prior to your event we will ask you to provide text,or your voice recording (package dependent) for your greeting message. This greeting message will be heard by your guests when they pick up the phone prior to them leaving you message.

We will ask you to e-mail a digital copy of the music you intend to play during your first dance.

We will send you tips and advice on how to get the best out of the booth on the day of your event.


 the day of the event

Morning setup of our full size replica iconic, red, K9 British telephone booth. We will arrange with you a suitable time for setup. The booth can take anywhere from 1-2 hours (depending on venue restrictions) to setup so we will need to arrive in plenty of time before your event begins. You will need to ensure that someone is there to point is in the right direction of where the booth is to be located. Once you are happy with the booth we will bid you brief farewell to allow you to get on with the rest of the preparations.

Unlike photo booths, our booth is unmanned. However, a member of our team will periodically check throughout the event the messaging service is functioning as it should. The team member will be dressed according to the events dress code to ensure they blend in and are not a point of distraction from your occasion.

Unless an alternative arrangements have been made we will at around 10:30 one of our team members will remove the phone from the phone booth and take it away for safekeeping.


After the event

We will have your messages and will be busy working on the end result. Depending on the package you have chosen we will be working to ensure we meet the delivery times as stated in our quotation.



book for your event

If you have made it this far, horrah! This means you are considering booking the booth for your event. We are obviously thrilled that you are considering us, if you would be so kind to fill out the form bellow we will get back to you asap.

For example wedding\birthday\baby shower.
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Date Of Your Event
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Not entirely sure what we do, or what you will get? Pop any questions you have hear and we will answer them.

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